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Websites are great, People are better

Websites are a great tool and incredibly helpful. In our industry, some are are used universally and others not so much (we all know this is true whether we want to admit it or not). That being said, when you cant find what you need, a website doesn't change that. When you are on the road, in a hotel basement, or other areas lacking a strong internet signal those websites (including this one) become unusable or accessible. These are the times it is reassuring to know that your parts supplier knows parts. 

Have you ever called your parts supply house and asked for a HSI to only be asked what that is? Maybe after you explain to your supposed "expert" what a hot surface ignitor is, they send you a spark ignitor instead. I mean they both have the word "ignitor" and when they did the "cntrl+F" function, that is what came up. Same thing, right? A great website, or even a mediocre one, does not replace the support you get when you call in and need that extra help. Calling in to get help or support for finding the right part, shouldn't be a process that takes days. You shouldn't have to give all the info, wait 3 days, get no response, call back to be told "I don't see anything for you" and then start all over. We have all experienced it, it is a waste of time and infuriating. There are things that are out of the suppliers hands at times, but a simple call of, "I am working on it still, we didn't forget about you" goes a long ways. 

Websites are great, helpful and revolutionized the industry (just like every other industry). However if you are going to a website because you don't want to call them, at some point you have to wonder why. If the only support you get from your supplier is "Go to our website", perhaps it is time to find a new supplier. Don't accept technology replacing the support your Commercial Appliance Supply House should be providing you. 

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