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Tech Rewards!

Tech Coin Rewards is CashParts' exclusive customer rewards program!
Earn Tech Coins when you:
-Sign up for TechRewards - 200 Tech Coin
-Place an order, every $1 = 1 Tech Coin*
-Share us on Facebook & Twitter
Click the TechRewards button in the bottom left corner to get started!
Already a member ? Here's how to redeem your rewards! 
You can use your coins in increments of
500 tech coins = $5
1000 Tech Coins = $10
2500 Tech Coins = $25
Save your coins for larger rewards, but don't wait to long tech coins expire after 6 months! 
You will receive a email quarterly with your redemption code for the max amount available to you, if you would like to use them before simply give us a call or send us an email
Tech coins must be redeemed online!
Max amount of tech coins that can be redeemed is $25 per order
Min amount of tech coins that can be redeemed is $5 per order

Boring rules and stuff:

      • Tech Points are not transferable
      • Tech Points can not be used to purchase special order parts
      • Tech Points can not applied to past orders, statements or open balance
      • Order returns with points will have the points deducted equally to the return. (so you cant place an order, get points, return said order and then keep all the points)
      • Points will be applied to your balance 30 days after order is placed. 
      • Account must be in good standing to remain in Tech Points program. 

* applies to stock parts only