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Warranty vs Guarantee

So what is the difference in aftermarket warranty vs a guarantee? Well a guarantee can apply to many things. Lowest cost, largest inventory, fastest delivery, "best" service and many other things that cannot be proven and are subjective at best. Let's be honest, claiming the largest inventory, is that by SKU, total quantity, total cross, no-one defines it to ensure it cannot be proven wrong. Many guarantee claims are based on how a company feels about it self or chooses to advertise itself. Now a warranty is how a company proves their quality guarantee. 

OEM's in our industry offer a standard 90 day warranty on parts. They don't need to offer more, they are the OEM. Aftermarket however, needs to prove their quality and reliability. CashParts offers a one year warranty on most aftermarket parts on defects and workmanship issues, some items such as BK Resources gas hose kits carry a 5 Year Warranty! It is the responsibility of the aftermarket manufacturer (EVEN if it is the same exact manufacturer that makes the item for the OEM) as well as the aftermarket distributor to assure the installer that the parts they are purchasing are the same quality or higher by offering the longer warranty period on defects. That being said, most aftermarket manufacturers offer a one year warranty, but as of late we have seen these cut by distributors. If your aftermarket parts supplier has drastically cut your warranty, you have to wonder what changed? Did the quality go down, did they change where they buy the direct replacements from or maybe they just don't care to provide the same support any longer. Whatever the answer may be, do not accept your parts supply house chopping your warranty in half and pretending it is a good thing. 

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