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Valve or Head Kit?

What is the point of carrying a head kit instead of just having the valve? In some instances, having the complete valve or more likely needing to order the complete valve is the best and only way to go. Some have extended buttons, high temp gaskets (usually an overkill, but that is how they are spec'd), and of course you cannot mix and match valve brands. However in many circumstances, a head kit will save installation time and cover many of the existing valves already on the field. The worse part of replacing a head kit is usually having to repipe the body. As long as the body of the valve (which is just a solid cast with no moving parts) is in good condition with no cracks or leaks, there is no need to replace this part of the valve. 

The head kit comes with everything you need to repair and replace most Robertshaw TS safety valves. The kit comes with the head (obviously), a new gasket, new screws, the spring diaphragm, and fittings (⅛" Pipe, 3/16 & ¼" compression). This makes it a fairly universal kit that can save time on the service call in reducing the overall labor that needs to be done. It also prevents downtime and callbacks as this one part can be used in 100s of various applications. 


Check them both out with the links below. If you are a technician or reseller, be sure to login to get your NET price.


Pilot in and out kit

Pilot out only kit

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