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Who is CashParts?

So we get asked a number of questions pretty regular, so we are going to take a moment to address some of them here. 

  • Q - Do you take cash only? 
    • A - Nope, cash, card, wire, you can even apply for open terms. The "CASH" in CashParts is just a simple acronym for Commercial Appliance Supply House. Get your credit app HERE
  • Q- How long have you been around?
    • A - CashParts opened in California 2015 and opened our Nevada location in 2018. 
  • Q- Do you stock parts or just drop ship from other wholesalers?
    • A - We are a traditional brick and mortar stocking wholesaler.
  • Q - How are your prices so low?
    • A - Perhaps the real question is why is everyone else so high? OEM parts command a premium, and I think most understand that. We do NOT base our wholesale price on OEM prices. We base it on our cost from the component manufacturer. We purchase in a manner that allows us to stock parts with the best possible quality and price. 
  • Q - Is your warranty really a year? 
    • A - One year warranties used to be an aftermarket standard for experienced technicians. If you purchase from an aftermarket wholesaler and are getting less, demand more or purchase somewhere else. Read more HERE.
  • Q - Who is CashParts?
    • A - We are just a group that was tired of watching bad service coupled with unjustified price increases, sprinkle in a decline in product quality and top it off with being told you're welcome for being allowed to purchase from us. We saw this trend in the industry as companies were being bought out and merged all over the place. With a  shrinking number of suppliers available to the market, the lack of competition hurt the industry. You can read more of how the market has created a demand for CashParts HERE.


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